Monday, September 15, 2008


It was a very busy week last week. Fall Bible study started up on Tuesday, and after a lot of debating, I decided to go. I still don't have a car, but my friend offered to pick me up on her way. I'm so glad I went--this seems like the perfect study for where I am right now.

I don't remember the exact title of it, but it is Beth Moore's study on the fruit of the spirit. The overall theme is living beyond yourself, and boy did I have the opportunity to practice that this week! I got some bad news at work this week, and after crying, stressing, praying, and feeling sick to my stomach half the week, God has worked things out better than I thought possible. The entire time I just kept going over in my mind what we had talked about at Bible study.

This week I also helped my parents with their moving sale. We had timed it to be the same weekend as their subwide sale, but we weren't seeing the usual signs up. They've been really late at getting them up in the past, so we didn't think too much of it. We double checked the sub calander, and it was listed for the weekend. However, when it was Wednesday night and there were still no signs, my mom called the person in charge. It turns out it is next weekend, despite what the calendar said. The person in charge didn't even realize that the calendar said it was this weekend!

We had it anyway since most of the stuff was all ready and I'm out of town next weekend, and it went really well on Thursday. My mom hates having garage sales, so I did a lot of the set up and all of the pricing and was there most of the day on Thursday. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Friday and Saturday were a different story though. Friday morning I called to see if I could wait and come over after Steven woke up since his schedule had been thrown off by being woken up early several times during the week. They said it was fine, and actually called a few hours later telling me not to bother even going over. The forecast wasn't great, and they ended up closing down at noon.

Well, it rained on Friday, and it poured all day Saturday. We had even more rain today. As a result of all the heavy rain, my parents didn't even have the garage sale on Saturday. Hopefully they'll have it one day next weekend to sell a few more things, but I'm not too optimistic.

In the meantime, Steven was coughing and sneezing constantly and waking up with a runny/crusty nose. He wasn't really fussy, though, and it pretty much stopped on Saturday, so I'm not sure what that was all about. I'm just thankful it didn't turn into anything more.

Mark, on the other hand, is sick. He felt it coming on on Friday, and he felt the same yesterday. But this afternoon he came and told me that he felt like he had been hit by a truck :( Mark gets these horrible colds a few times a year and then passes them on to me half the time. (Last time I got it from the little buddy--the only time he's been sick.) It's miserable, and I can't afford to get sick since we're going out of town for a week this Thursday.

I'm making him wash his hands constantly, and for a while, I had him carrying around a hand towel to sneeze into. (You haven't seen a sneeze until you've seen Mark sneeze, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone!) Steven and I are keeping our distance and praying that we don't get it.

I'll fill you in on the details of our trip and mini-vacation (without the little buddy no less!) later. It's quite late here, and since the little buddy went to bed at 6:30ish instead of 8:30, I think it might be an early morning :)

I do want to clarify one thing from a previous post though. My dad resigned because he felt that the church was no longer a good fit for my family. It had nothing to do with wrongdoing on his part (such as an affair or embezzelment or anything horrible like that). In not giving details, I left it too open to speculation and just wanted to clarify that.

There's a church that my dad's been in contact with, and he had a phone interview with them on Friday after working with the church's head hunter for the past few weeks. The interview seemed to go well, and hopefully we'll hear something back from the church this week. Thanks for continuing to pray for my family during this transition.

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