Monday, September 15, 2008

My Day So Far

**Update--It's 12:22, and he's still in bed! He's been awake for at least half an hour but is just playing with his aquarium.**

5:00ish--Get up with Steven who is wide awake and completely soaked. (Not surprising since he went to bed at 6:30 last night!) Mark had gone in and turned on his cd player, but it hadn't worked. I was surprisingly awake, so I got up with him when I heard him still crying a little bit later. (I slept in guest room to avoid Mark's germs, so I didn't have the monitor near me.)

5:15--Give the buddy a bath (he needed one anyway, and what else is there to do at 5:15??).

5:45--Put on Steven's ointment and powder, put creamy baby oil in his hair and on his scalp.

6:15--Give Steven an 8 oz. bottle with the sippy cup handles attached.

6:30--Complete meltdown since bottle was gone and is practically inconsolable.

6:45--Play with Steven while Mark (now awake) changes Steven's sheets.

6:55--Read books, sing songs, put Steven back in crib.

6:57--Little buddy stops crying and is fast asleep.

8:15--Going back to bed too!

I'm hoping he sleeps for quite a while and still takes his nap. I'm being optimistic, I know, but I can always hope, right?? I'll need his nap time to work on laundry and making lists for our big trip on Thursday.

There's so much to do before taking the little buddy out of town! (And even more so when leaving him with the in laws for several days--been busy writing instructions and bedtime routines!)

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Anonymous said...

oh did he sleep a long time for you????