Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sadie Mae!

A while ago I posted pictures of Chloe, our first dog. After Chloe, we got Sadie, another Golden Retriever. Here are a few picture from the last three years!
The boy and the pup taking a nap.

So peaceful!

Car ride home from my parents after spending the day with their dog, mad dog Maddie.

Posing for the camera.

Thanksgiving 2004 in Clarks Summit.

Posing again. Wanted her picture taken after the cat's photo session!

You woke me up for this??

Tug of war with Maddie over the squeaker duck. (Sadie on left.) Sadie won after intervention--it was, after all, her Christmas duck!

Christmas collars. (Sadie on right.)

I can't imagine how boring our life would be without Sadie. She definitely keeps us entertained! She also is doing incredibly well with obeying me. Mark's another story--she thinks he is a joke. I've even been able to take her in the front yard without a leash and across the street to see her friends Louie and Roxy. That's a really big deal at our house. (However, I can't do it when Mark's home. It really stresses him out since Chloe was run over.)

Some of Sadie's favorites: sleeping (if one of us is in the bedroom, she has to be in there too!); eating, especially pizza crusts, popcorn, the doggy sundae at Dairy-Go-Round, and apples (pizza and popcorn are now forbidden, but she knows that Mark will cave); sleeping in the living room; running around the yard like a crazy dog; sunning with the cat in the dining room; sleeping wherever is most inconvenient for me; and actively participating in the neighborhood watch--she lets us know if anything is amiss, even if it is just a leaf falling off the tree!

What a crazy dog!


Mommee and Her Boys said...

She is so cute :)
I love the picture of Mark sleeping. Andy would kill me if I posted a picture of him asleep... hmm maybe I will do it anyway (it might be worth the death that follows...ahah)

Sarah said...

The picture of Sadie when she was a puppy was absolutely darling. I just love golden retriever puppys. The pictures were fun and I really enjoyed seeing different stages of your little doggy.