Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We have it again! It is no longer 91 degrees in my house!


Anonymous said...

A/C was GR8 2nite (wed.)!!! No sleeping in the basement 4 u 2 anymore, LOL!!! Talk 2 u l8r... Seacrest out!

Becky P. said...

Well....I skip checking your site for a couple days and have quite the catching up to do! But, I LOVED looking at all your pictures! They are so great....and where;s the picture of Chloe? I miss her :) We actually checked out Bethany and unfortunately, they don't offer anything in our area AT ALL! We are looking into fostering right now and I am so excited about the opportunity. If we are qualified to both foster AND adopt, if a child comes up for adoption, we get the first decision. I really believe that God is leading usi n this direction for now :)