Friday, February 10, 2012


This year, Steven started going to Cubbies (through AWANA) at a church in our area. Each week we read a couple stories out of his book and memorize a verse. He has the option of doing "extra credit" each week and doing a craft or activity that's in the book, and we generally do it.

Last week, I decided to write Steven's verse on the chalkboard in the kitchen (which had not been updated since I put a countdown to Mabelyn's due date on it and still said "Mabelyn is here!"). This way, I can work with him on his verse all week without pulling out his book to make sure I have the wording correct.

We also worked on saying it while marching, while hopping on one foot, while clapping, while spinning around and around, etc. That was especially helpful as we worked on learning the reference (which isn't required until their second year). Here he is saying it on his bed.

We also had his stuffed animals say it, and each one took a turn. As you can see, it's Elmo's turn to say the verse.

I am amazed at how easily Steven learns his verses. The different steps we are taking aren't really necessary for him, but they help Michelle learn it too :) A couple weeks ago, I decided to review all his old verses with him, and we went all the way back to early November/late October without having to give him more than the first one or two words. Way to go, Steven!

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