Friday, November 21, 2008

Yet Another Adoption Update

I know, it seems like the only time I update anymore is to give you info. about our baby girl's adoption. Working full time is killing me, and by the time I get home, I'm almost too tired to move :( Reading and scoring 200+ essays a day can do that to you!

This week we accomplished the following:

1. Got both of our physicals.
2. Passed our TB tests.
3. Got our blood tests and drug screening, waiting for the results.
4. Took Josie to the vet. (At least I think that was this week!)
5. Got Mark's employee release form submitted so Bethany can verify that he really does have a job.
6. FINALLY got our adoption verification letter (for Steven's adoption) sent from Bethany to Mark's employer. Our $5,000 reimbursement check is on it's way. We'll be using that to pay off his adoption/pay application fees for this one. (Definitely not getting rich off of this!)
7. Took the birthmother to her doctor's appointment yesterday. (More details to follow in another post.)

Things we still need to accomplish:

1. Submit the rest of the paperwork. We need to revise our statement of faith (to reflect new church/ministries we're involved in), and I need to finish my self-study. We really want this in the mail by Monday, so I'm praying that I'll feel up to completing it this weekend.
2. Drop off Josie's sample at the vets. It's not essential for the adoption, but we already paid for it, and it just needs to be done.
3. Get grant applications ready. Maybe I'll be able to do this next Saturday since I don't work then. I hope!

Could that possibly be it?? I sure hope so! I'll still have plenty of other stuff to do, such as update the identical scrapbooks that I make for Steven's birthmother and for us. I also need to get working on baby girl's books. This time I have ultrasound pictures to put in it. That is so exciting!!

Our other big thing is to get ready for Steven turning the big 01! Yep, that's tomorrow!! (It's also the day of THE game!) It feels much longer than a year, and we didn't even bring him home until Dec. 17th :)

Someday, I really will post pictures again. We have a new camera, and I don't have the memory card adapter in a highly accessible place (aka I don't know exactly where it is and don't have time to search for it). Someday soon. . .maybe when my temp. job is over.

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Megan said...

Wow! I can't believe Steven's already one. Amazing. I hope and pray all goes well for your family as you prepare for little baby girl to come home. I'll look forward to pictures of the kids together in the near future. :)

Have you ever used Shutterfly or seen their photobooks? I do all my scrapbooking in them and have converted my sister, aunt, mom and others (including a mom who used to make 4 identical books for all of her kids). The great thing about them is that if you want multiple copies, you just pay to have it printed again. No extra work involved unless you want to change some details for whoever it's for. If you ever want to see what they look like, I can share one on the internet.