Monday, April 30, 2007

A Busy Weekend!

This weekend we watched our friend's 14 month old son, Jason. He has stayed with us before, so he is familiar with us and our critters. He is one of the happiest babies I know, and Josie especially gets along with him. She seems to think that his petting is like a deep tissue massage! Sadie does well with him too, but she got a little jealous this time and didn't like it when Jason started picking up one of her toys (we don't let him play with them, but Sadie seemed to have forgotten that!).

On Saturday we learned that he is only taking 1/2 hour naps instead of the 2 hour naps he did last time we had him. That was not cool! However, we did wear him out enough on Sunday, and he took a 2+ hour nap that afternoon. We can't complain too much; we put him to bed early, and he sleeps through the night.

Here he is after his nap on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day so we played outside while Mark reseeded the grass that Sadie killed.

I have been picking up toys at garage sales and thrift stores and now have a good collection. This phone is one that we got at a garage sale on the way home from church. Unfortunately, I put all the toys in hot soapy water to clean them, forgetting that electronics don't do so well with that. One button is working on it today, which is one more than yesterday, and hopefully the other buttons will start working again soon! **Update: ALL the buttons are now working. I guess that I didn't kill it after all!!**

It was neat to watch Mark and Jason interact. Mark does well with diaper duty (he got the first stinky diaper), and he does breakfast. I got after him at lunch for putting too much yogurt on Jason's spoon, but Marks told me that they do "big bites" not baby bites like the ones I give him. I sure was surprised when Jason was able to get it all in his mouth. Mark had fun with his "little man." We are definitely ready to have a baby of our own!

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