Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conversation at Dinner

Preface: Dinner is always a challenge at our house anymore. It generally involves at least one child refusing to eat, and for the past week or so, that has been Michelle. We don't make her a separate meal, and we don't force her to eat. If she wants to eat, though, she gets what we're having, and she can't just fill up on bread (which seems to be her favorite right now). Tonight was no different, and Michelle was a basket case.

Steven: Mommy, is Jesus happy with me when I obey?

Me: Yes.

Steven: Is Jesus happy when Michelle obeys?

Me (wondering where this is going): Yes.

Steven: Michelle, Jesus is NOT happy with you right now.

Me: Okay, that's enough. Eat your jell-o.



Melodie said...

just glad to hear that your evening dinner goes as well as mine. :) tonight i cooked a super healthy dinner and jeremy and i loved it. but neither of the boys ate. so they went to bed hungry. i'm just ready for them to appreciate the work that goes into a meal. but i guess i can't expect that at ages 1 and 2. mister steven seems to be quite the character. :)

Sarah Kuhner said...

We do the exact same thing at our house. Tonight I made a great beef stew. Bekah only ate a few bites since she really wanted some home made Chinese coconut bread. Hannah didn't eat a bite. Oh well, at least they make up for it at breakfast.

I love the conversation they had. Kids are just so funny.