Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, it's official--the Peanut is allergic to eggs and most tree nuts :(

We went to the pediatric allergist today (whom we LOVE), and Michelle had scratch tests done. Basically, the pricked her with a 10 pronged thing (in two different spots!) and then put a drop of different allergens on each spot. Michelle cried and cried and cried, but not because it hurt or anything. She was angry as can be that we were holding her down. Michelle does not like being restrained at all, so keeping her flat (to prevent the drops mixing) was a challenge. Mark went with me, so he held down her legs and hips, and I held down her arms and shoulders.

The tree nuts aren't a huge deal for us. She can still eat peanuts, and that's the main type of nut we have in the house. (Although for nursery/sitter situations, we're just saying she can't have any nuts.) However, the eggs are a pretty big deal. She's never liked eggs, which is a huge contrast with Steven who would eat a carton a day if we let him.

But, she LOVES baked goods--especially breads, bagels, noodles, pancakes and muffins. Her bagels don't have eggs in them, so those are still fine. I can easily find noodles without eggs, so we'll do okay there. I haven't checked the bread yet, but I'm pretty sure it's safe too. Pancakes and muffins are a huge deal. She would eat them for every meal if I let her. In fact, I just made a double batch of waffles yesterday, so she could have them for breakfast or snacks for the next week.

I've found several recipes for egg substitutes to use in baking, but I have no idea how they'll taste. She'll be fine at home since I love her enough to do that :) However, when she's out of the house, it'll be harder. I'm planning on making laminated tags to pin on her back listing her allergies when she is in someone else's care. There are just too many things with eggs or nuts in them to expect someone to remember verbal instructions, esp. when she's in a room with a ton of other kids.

One upside to all of this is that eliminating eggs should reduce or even eliminate her excema. I had no idea that egg allergies are the number one cause of excema. I'm still amazed that the doctor picked up on egg allergies when we've never see her react to it!


Blueberry said...

if she has never reacted to an egg in baked goods could she still be able to have them? bean has a girl in her class who is allergic to eggs- she can't eat an egg but she can have cupcakes, cookies, etc. because the amount of egg is so small that she doesn't have a reaction to it i guess. be careful with the tree nuts. a friends daughter just found out she is allergic to them and realized how many kinds of foods are processed in a plant that also processes tree nuts. this includes lots of candy and snack foods.

Pam said...

I'm sorry. :-(

A few years ago I did some baking for a family with a egg-allergic child, and at that time I found a muffin recipe that actually tasted pretty good! I don't remember the recipe now, but I know it tasted good, so I just wanted to encourage you in that regard. :-)

I bake bread for our family every week with no eggs in it, and I doubt most bread has any egg in it. I know you'll learn as you go, but I'm sorry you have this learning curve!

Mountain Momma said...

my nephew has an egg allergy and you really have to be careful. Chicken is often dipped in eggs before it's breaded (even ask at fast food places). My sister had to make an eggless birthday cake for him for his birthday and it still tasted fine.