Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Um. . .No!!

This morning when I went to get Steven out of his crib, he asked me for cheerios. He knows he can have a snack while sitting on his potty, and he usually has it picked out by the time I get in his room. (Last week he wanted enchiladas!!) Since he didn't say please, I asked him what do you say? to remind him. His response? Do it now! Do it now! Um. . .no, that's not the correct answer!

He did get his cheerios after giving me the correct answer and then proceeded to dump them in his potty (after going!) and finding me in Michelle's room to tell me. Needless to say, I rushed to the living room to take care of the cheerios in the potty before he could decide he wanted them back. He's all boy--he'll eat anything!

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Pam said...

LOL. Boys ~ gotta love em!